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Nigel Kelly

Like many Mines students, Professor Nigel Kelly began his time in college knowing he was good at science but not knowing what direction to take from there. Originally Professor Kelly did not even want to go to college, as he was more interested in music, but with a little encouragement from his mother he applied and was accepted into the University of Sydney. He then took a gap year and traveled. Upon reflection during his year off from school Kelly realized he was “really really good at science,” always getting his best grades in these classes. But during high school his “passion was always ancient history and politics and music, but science was actually more what [he] was able to do.”

Cheap Vegetarian Lasagna

Vegetarian lasagna is an excellent choice for anyone, whether vegetarian or not. This is for one simple reason: it is cheap. As a poor college student, it is often difficult to cook on a budget and still make tasty meals. Vegetarianism is a good solution to this because meat can be quite pricey so avoiding it can be cost effective. Most people avoid vegetarian food because they are under the ignorant assumption that vegetarian food either is not very good or that it just is not ‘right’. Anyone under that assumption is wrong. Vegetarian meals can be delicious and sometimes it is impossible to tell that the meat is missing. So to save money and try some vegetarian food, make a vegetarian lasagna. This is an incredibly simple recipe that anyone can follow.


Comic Corner: “Leaves on the Wind”

Joss Whedon’s “Firefly.” A sci-fi western television series canceled far too soon with a fanbase whose continual growth and compounding enthusiasm keep the spirit of the show alive and well even though the show has been off the air for more than ten years. As many people are aware, the rabid devotion of the cult following that developed in the wake of “Firefly’s” untimely cancellation was strong enough to convince studio executives to green light a movie sequel to the show in the form of “Serenity,” which was released a few years after the episodes stopped airing. However, the rest of the ways in which the ‘Verse lives on are relatively less well known to the public.


Club Spotlight: SWiM makes sine waves

When Professors Rebecca Swanson and Deb Carney set foot on campus in 2012, they felt something was missing. “They already had this idea of coming together and making the women community stronger,” said Kownoon Her, a SWiM officer. A group for women in math was something Carney and Swanson had previously experienced and enjoyed, but there was no such group at Mines—yet. Society for Women in Mathematics at Mines was born last Spring, but truly launched in the Fall with hearty support from the Department of Applied Math and Statistics. Though Carney, Swanson, and Agata Dean were instrumental in the initiation and vision of the club, SWiM thrives from both AMS faculty and student leadership and participation, creating a vertically integrated community. Before SWiM, SWE was the only organization on the Mines campus that was specifically for women, but growing efforts by Mines to recruit more women resulted in strong support for SWiM by the campus, including WISEM (Women in Science, Engineering, and Math). SWiM is now an official student chapter of AWM, Association for Women in Mathematics.

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