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Scientific discoveries this week: 4/14/14

Geneva, Switzerland – The Large Hadron Collider beauty collaboration has announced the discovery, to a certainty of 13.9 sigma, of exotic hadrons. These hadrons are exotic because the type of matter discovered cannot be classified within the traditional quark model of matter. The exotic particle is currently known as Z(4430), which was discovered after 25000 decays of B mesons, after 180 trillion proton-proton collisions inside of the Large Hadron Collider.

The Art of Translating: Howard Goldblatt

Authors usually receive all of the credit for their works, especially when their works go on to win prizes as prestigious as the Nobel Prize in Literature. However, 2012 winner Chinese novelist Mo Yan offers credit to his translator Howard Goldblatt, who has translated many of Mo Yan’s works into English. Goldblatt visited Colorado School of Mines on April 7 to speak about his background as well as his experience translating for Chinese authors.

Headlines from around the world: 4/14/14

After the overturning of a 2013 court ruling, the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster will now be able to register as an official religion in Poland. The overturning was based on the parody religion not being given a requested extension to turn in documents which would have made the religion official in Poland. Polish Pastafarians, the term for followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, greeted the announcement by shouting “pasta” repeatedly in unison in front of the Warsaw court.

AMS Colloquium: The rights and wrongs of mixing

To most, the action of manually mixing two immiscible fluids or materials is an afterthought. For the vast majority, it is simply a mundane task that occasionally needs doing, and often very little thought goes into whether there is a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to accomplish it. But to Professor Gautam Iyer of the Carnegie Mellon University Department of Mathematical Sciences and a growing number of mathematicians and material scientists, there is a steadily increasing consensus that there are, in fact, correct and incorrect ways to go about mixing materials when efficiency is the goal. In this week’s installment of the AMS Department’s colloquium series, Prof. Iyer provided a brief look into some of his research on optimizing material mixing and fluid stirring techniques via mathematics.

Snowball Day 1 Recap

For the first time in the event’s brief history, the Snowball music festival came down from the mountain resorts and set up shop in Denver at Mile High Stadium. The three-day concert series, hosting several of today’s up-and-coming artists in a variety of EDM and hip-hop subgenres, kicked off on Friday and snowballed from a small, modest group of concert goers in the afternoon to a crazy party of hundreds by the night’s end.


The Host

The movie “The Host” is a movie adaptation of the book with the same title by Stephanie Meyer. Some people may question how anything created by the same woman that made the Twilight Saga can be good. Those people should be prepared to be surprised. “The Host” is a surprisingly good movie.


Papers, Please

While there will always be room for fantasy in video games, as they often are an escape from the toils of reality, there is an occasional need for the harsh and soul crushing reality of being a cog in the machine and slowly being ground to a fine dust by endless levels of bureaucracy. There are simply moments where instead of fighting dragons by yelling at them in their own ancient language or dealing with an army of fascists in anachronistic ancient Roman styled armor made from sports equipment armed only with a grenade launcher and your trusted cyborg dog, someone wants to experience the degradation of being a low level employee of a second world country’s border control. For gamers desiring that level of reality, “Papers Please” by Lucas Pope is the perfect game to experience that special feeling that comes along when someone is being simultaneously violated and ignored.

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