Important Voting Details

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Election season is upon us! So, you should vote and make sure that your vote counts! While a few states’ voter registration deadlines have passed, there are many states with later cutoffs. So, it is important to find your state’s deadline and register to vote if possible. Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of simply exercising this right. As a result, you should take certain precautions to avoid tiny mistakes that could invalidate your ballot.

Know your deadlines!
Election day is November 3rd! If you are voting by mail, the Post Office recommends that you mail your ballot at least a week before this date.

Ensure that your ballot is correctly filled out!
This is a great opportunity to utilize your fantastic scantron-filling abilities in order to properly fill out your ballot! Similar to tests, avoid having stray marks and more than one choice filled in. Although you may be tempted to use your pencil, please don’t. A nice pen with either black or blue ink is definitely the best choice.

Don’t forget to sign your envelope!
It’s time to show off your beautiful signature! This is the most common reason for the invalidation of a ballot, so make sure that you don’t fall for this trick. To affirm your identity, don’t forget to sign the outside of your envelope before it is mailed. In addition to this, ensure that the signature placed on your ballot matches the one that your state has on file.

Include required additional documentation if needed!
Although this aspect is not required for all states, many require additional information on their voters’ ballots. So, learn the voting requirements of your state. This may include a witness signature or a copy of their photo ID.

Don’t mail your ballot in the same envelope as someone else’s!
Ballots like to be single, so put your ballot in its own envelope!

Include the right amount of stamps!
The number of stamps needed to mail your ballot varies depending on your location. Ask your local election officials to find how many stamps are required. •

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