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Meet Louis Cogan. Image courtesy of Lauren D’Ambra.

The Oredigger staff features an impressive array of writers, graphic designers, photographers, and artists. Each one of our members are vital in bringing every issue of The Oredigger to life and giving the Mines community something exciting to read about.

This week we met up with one of our talented writers to share a little bit more about the work that goes into each issue of The Oredigger. Louis Cogan is one of our many spectacular writers. He is currently a sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering and a member of the McBride Honors Program. Here is a little bit of our interview, and we’d like to give a special thanks to Louis for giving us a glimpse behind the scenes of The Oredigger (and reminding us to get outside and move around)!

Q: When did you join The Oredigger Staff and what made you want to be a part of The Oredigger team?
“I joined in January of my freshman year. Initially, I had seen various flyers about it around campus, but I was getting used to Mines and I kind of figured, ‘Well, I don’t think I can really take much on my plate right now’. Then, January struck and I saw an opening in my schedule. I thought it would be good, not only to keep practicing writing because it’s a hobby I like to do, but I also felt I was definitely lacking a creative outlet. Since then, it’s very much just been a fun continual exercise to practice my writing or if I feel there’s really something I want to tell the public.”

Q: How long have you been writing? Do you have a preferred style?
“It’s kind of hard to tell because I feel like I’ve been sort of obsessed with storytelling my whole life. I was very much the kid who was glued to the TV, more so because I was really interested in what was going on, rather than the outside world. I would say I’ve been writing since maybe eighth grade when we had a lot of creative writing exercises in my English class. Since then, it’s just been building and learning. I would definitely say my writing style is very informative with a little bit of levity or humor. I like to be light and slightly satirical to where the reader will get it.”

Q: What have you written about so far and is there anything you’re excited to write about in the future?
“This year has been a little slow, at least for me, because last year I didn’t dip my toes into the standard news as much. I mostly wrote articles concerning campus or what was going on in the media industry, but I can do only so much of that with the fact that everything’s getting delayed or just stopped entirely. I will say that this year the most interesting thing to cover has been the election, even though I haven’t directly written about it. It seems like no matter what you have to have an awareness of that context. When I wrote the last article about the new internet age, I found myself sort of indirectly saying Trump was part of the catalyst because he’s a memorable figure regardless of what you think about him. He just has an insane presence and he sped up the rate at which we understand things and current events because he helped translate it into a more humorous identity for Gen Z and younger millennials to understand.

Q: What is your favorite piece of writing that you’ve done for The Oredigger so far?
“I actually thought about this because I figured this question would get asked! My favorite was probably the first article I wrote because that’s when I very much found my journalistic voice. There needs to be an awareness that this is not just a random piece of information or a story,
this is someone telling you something or someone explaining a situation. I remember being in the Mines library sitting at the computer because I wanted to be in that focused environment, and just sort of figuring out exactly what I wanted to tell and where I wanted the story to keep
going until it felt like it stopped naturally.”

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to share?
“If I can advocate for something: everyone exercise with everything that’s going on! It’s great for your mental health. Once I started exercising at the very beginning of last semester, I started feeling a little better because I was doing things every day. That’s that, I just want to advocate for anyone reading, please do something physical.”

(Louis Cogan is also working on his first novel, “Void”, a science fiction story about a man coming to terms with his past in the 19th century. Any inquiries may be sent to his most frequently used email:

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