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Two single engine Cessna aircraft flying over Kaibab National Forest

Student Perspectives: America From Above

As engineers and scientists Mines’ graduates have a unique responsibility to make ethical decisions that can directly affect our public lands, including national parks, monuments, forests, and recreation areas. I had the privilege, as a participant in the 2016 EcoFlight student program, Flight Across America (FLAA), to gain insight into the influence engineers and scientists…

Dreadnaught artwork

Dreadnought Review

Dreadnought has been one of Denver’s most reliable local bands for the past few years. They can be found opening for almost any post-rock or math-rock show in the Denver Area. If these genres aren’t for you, Dreadnought might not be either; but for those who like long intricate instrumentals scattered with screams, Dreadnought might…

Research and Collaboration Efforts

Having the tagline of “Earth, energy, environment,” research on the campus is often linked with sustainability. According to the Gregory Jackson, the department head for mechanical engineering, “If you look at our funding, a higher amount of it addresses these issues than at other schools.” Through sustainability research and efforts, there is hope for a…

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