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Homecoming Lecturer: Michio Kaku

Full disclosure, this is the opinion of this journalist and is not reflective of the opinion of the Oredigger as an organization nor the opinion of this journalist as a student of the Colorado School of Mines. There is an art to an interview; a good interviewer has five articles worth of questions before showing…


John Oliver, an HBO comedian, recently placed a spotlight on the issue of opioid abuse in America. He pointed out 30,000 people die in America every year from overdoses and 2.6 million Americans struggle with addiction. That is almost an entire percentage point of the American population. His spotlight reminded me of a trend in…

Post Election Thoughts

“A house divided against itself cannot stand” ~ Abraham Lincoln It is the afternoon of Wednesday November 9th and I am sitting in Periodic Table trying to put to paper my thoughts after this election. Periodic table is not empty but it is far too quiet, and the entire campus seems quieter than usual today….

Election Season Filled with Scandal

The moral of this election is don’t use email. Clinton’s email server has been a huge talking point this election, on grounds of cybersecurity and transparency. The FBI is correct in pointing out the “gross negligence” of a private server. The FBI found 113 emails containing classified information, of which 3 had classification markers, and…

Bill Nye

Featured Interview with Bill Nye

The following is a condensed version of The Oredigger’s interview with Bill Nye. What about science makes you so excited, and how can teachers get this across to students? Nye was excited right away with this question. His immediate response was “How can they not?!” He talked about how science is important for the future,…

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