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Katharyn Peterman

Faculty Productivity Model Talk

Mines’ Faculty Productivity Model: Looking into the Source of Controversy

At this year’s annual campus conference held before the start of fall classes, President Paul Johnson, with the help of Interim Provost Tom Boyd discussed a faculty productivity model focused on equally distributing Mines’ resources amongst the different colleges. This new model, however, has caused a stirring among the faculty as it appears to only…


Mines Alum Challenges, Inspires Students with Lecture

From first year calculus, to senior design, the ideal engineering curriculum has been discussed and reviewed many times. Canaan Reeverts, a Mines alum, came to speak to students in the Engineering and Sustainable Community Development course on Dec. 2. His lecture, “Redefining Engineering,” challenged the current understanding of what engineering education is and suggested changes…

Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the leading Republican presidential candidates for 2016, was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Carson attended Yale University for his undergraduate education and then went on to The University of Michigan School of Medicine. He completed his residency training at the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center. Carson then remained at…

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