Alisha Eskew

Get Well, Stay Well

In today’s processed world, the Whole30 is a diet that eliminates unbalancing and inflammatory food groups for 30 days. It ends unhealthy cravings and food habits, heals the digestive tract, balances the endocrine and immune systems, and helps develop a healthier body image. The Whole30 is all about eliminating certain foods and food groups that…

Jessica Godinez

Group Exercise

Class Times: Monday 5:15- 6:15 pm & Wednesday 7-8 am Instructor:  Jessica Godinez, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. She chose to bring Pop Pilates to Mines because the positive vibes of the class make it really fun to teach! Class: If you are familiar with Blogilates, this branded course was created by the same…

Restaurant review: Larry’s Place

Larry’s Place: good luck finding it, but it is definitely worth it. This is the kind of place that has no sign or address, so you have to keep an ear out for a braying donkey when walking in downtown Golden between 2:31–2:38 am. Locating the origin of the donkey won’t grant you access, just a one time redeemable ticket printed on a fruit roll-up. DO NOT EAT THE FRUIT ROLL UP. Instead, fold it in half with a plastic toothpick in the middle, and toss it in Clear Creek EXACTLY 11 minutes after you receive it. If the timing is right, you’ll see a small hunchback with nub left arm climb out from under the bridge near 13th Street. This is Gary. Gary will then burp a five-digit code three times; remember this code BUT DO NOT WRITE IT DOWN. Enter this code into the orange lock box that restricts entry into Larry’s Place. Once you get in, be sure to whisper the Pledge of Allegiance to the bouncer (he likes that). So, simple as that, you’re in.

FirePro V4900

Professional graphics cards on a student’s budget

Professional graphics cards exist to fill a lucrative niche market. Professional software – like SolidWorks or ANSYS Fluent – and the time of the engineers using this software is extremely expensive. Companies that have spent a minimum of $5,000 on a single seat license for a professional program are willing to pay drastically increased hardware costs to maximize the productivity of their engineers. Professional graphics cards do this by carefully optimizing their drivers for specific programs and workloads. If your sole interest in graphics cards is pumping out higher framerates in Quake or Doom (or whatever kids are playing these days), these cards are not for you. If you are more interested in getting the most out of SolidWorks, you may want to consider a professional card.


Book Review: Mort

“Mort” is the fourth book in the Discworld series by Sir Terry Pratchett and the first book of the Death series of stories within the Discworld. “Mort” stands out as the point where the Discworld series goes from an occasionally funny if bland send-up of the fantasy genre to a legitimately good piece of fiction with depth that is capable of delivery both laughs as well as heart-wrenching moments of true emotional attachment to its characters.

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