Grammy Awards Logo

The 2016 Grammy Awards

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards were filled with excitement, jealousy and disappointment. Most of all they were filled with technical difficulties. Monday, February 15th saw countless stars waiting anxiously to hear if they won a Grammy. Between announcements, famous acts took the stage to perform. However, many of these performances were a let down to…

Apple Music Festival London

Apple releases lineup for festival

The ever popular Apple Music Festival, formerly named the iTunes Music Festival, returns in it’s ninth year to London for ten nights of incredible shows on September 19th. The festival has been renamed to match the summer release of iTunes’ music streaming service, Apple Music. Each show can be streamed live on Apple Music, as…


Beck’s Brand New Phase

Long gone are the days of Beck’s quick-witted, ironic raps over pseudo hip-hop tracks like “Loser”. Instead, Beck has replaced that self-image with a musical style that is much more frank, vulnerable and folkish. His new album, “Morning Phase” projects a message of hopefulness and honesty in a void of musical and real-life uncertainty. The…

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