Denver Music Scene Review: Gleemer

The dream-pop genre has seldom been mentioned in the local music scene until recently, with Loveland-based group Gleemer taking the stage. Their unique sound tickles the senses with a brush of floating vocals, driving guitars and lyrics that feel as though they’ve been in your heart before you even put on your headphones. Gleemer’s talents…

Alisha Eskew

Get Well, Stay Well

In today’s processed world, the Whole30 is a diet that eliminates unbalancing and inflammatory food groups for 30 days. It ends unhealthy cravings and food habits, heals the digestive tract, balances the endocrine and immune systems, and helps develop a healthier body image. The Whole30 is all about eliminating certain foods and food groups that…

Jessica Godinez

Group Exercise

Class Times: Monday 5:15- 6:15 pm & Wednesday 7-8 am Instructor:  Jessica Godinez, a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering. She chose to bring Pop Pilates to Mines because the positive vibes of the class make it really fun to teach! Class: If you are familiar with Blogilates, this branded course was created by the same…

Cabaret Comes to Denver

Villkommen, Bienvenue, and Velcome to the Cabaret, a dynamic musical with fantastic cast performances all around and a wonderfully playful translation of this 1966 broadway show. This incredibly evocative and socially conscious show does not disappoint. It leaves the audience with something to chew on after an evening of fantastically entertaining, visceral performances. The iconic…

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