Ethical Computing Talk

CEO Questions Ethical Computing Future

“What are the implications of the computing world—as some people see it—having taken over the world?” Dr. Bobby Schnabel asked a large group of students and professors at a computer science colloquium last Tuesday. Currently the CEO of the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), Schnabel described the evolution of computer science in relation to society…

CU Environmental Center: Buffs Go Green

The level of Environmental Awareness on college campuses directly affects the development of students sustainability goals and value of future action addressing climate change. Sarah-Dawn Haynes, program assistant at the environmental center at CU Boulder stated, “Students are really redefining their values. They could be extremely different from their home towns.” CU’s environmental center has…

Bill Nye

Featured Interview with Bill Nye

The following is a condensed version of The Oredigger’s interview with Bill Nye. What about science makes you so excited, and how can teachers get this across to students? Nye was excited right away with this question. His immediate response was “How can they not?!” He talked about how science is important for the future,…

The Colorado State Capitol building

Corruption surprisingly common at local and state level

The Center for Public Integrity recently published its comprehensive nationwide investigation into states’ integrity. Each state was evaluated by local professional journalists by 245 different questions regarding the state’s policies in place and their enforcement. The organization’s intent was not to measure the corruption of each state, but rather the relative possibility of it occurring….

John P. Lockridge

In Memory of John P. Lockridge

Friends, family, and members of the Mines community gathered in the Lockridge Arena at the Mines Student Recreation Center in mid-October to pay their respects and commemorate the arena’s namesake. John P. Lockridge, who passed away September 7 this year, had the Lockridge Arena named after him for his commitment and continuous contributions towards the…


PE Dept. Responds to Drop in Oil Prices

The impact of the falling price of oil will have far reaching effects on the Mines’ community as the oil and gas industry hired 35 percent of Mines graduates starting industry or government jobs following the 2013-2014 school year. This statistic from the most recent Career Center Annual Report includes students from every academic department…

Campus Sexual Assault Policies

Colleges nationwide are required to have policies that deal with discrimination based on gender, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. There are two main laws that address these problems: the Clery Act (updated by the Campus SaVE Act), which requires colleges to report crimes, and Title IX, which deals with gender based discrimination. If colleges want to receive any federal funding, it is required that they abide by these laws.

Chemistry Seminar: Xiaotai Wang

CSM was honored to hear from Dr. Xiaotai Wang on Friday in his lecture on computational mechanistic studies of transitional metal-catalyzed synthetically useful organic reactions. Dr. Xiaotai Wang has been a professor at the University of Colorado, Denver, since 1997. His last lecture at Mines was over 10 years ago on the synthesis of metal frameworks. Since then, Dr. Wang has been attracted to the field of computational chemistry. Dr. Wang said that he was drawn to this field because of its utility in providing insights into the designing of new molecules. He is currently researching the synthesis and of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with newer structures and a whole host of useful properties. Dr. Wang worked in a field called computational chemistry, a branch of chemistry involving computer simulations of chemical structures to assist in solving different chemical questions. Dr. Wang noted that there are two main divisions of computational quantum chemistry: wave function based and density function based.

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