Nick of Ask Nick

Ask Nick: 2/27/16

 February 25 How do porcupines mate? Props to whoever asked this question, because it actually piqued my curiosity. So first, nose rubbing occurs, and if the female accepts the notion, the male will then urinate on the female (no joke), and the female will decide if the male lives up to her standards. If the…


Dinner Plate Tectonics

What drives plate tectonics? Heat flow, of course. Or energy transfer…it is all the same. It is the act of sketching poorly-drawn Mohr’s circles that tires the mind and the hours upon hours scanning for the missing parenthesis that drains the eyes. Is there is even time to eat dinner? Lunch? Breakfast? Forget second breakfast and supper, right? But the physical laws of the universe remain: heat flows, dinner plates subduct, spread, or slip past each other from a lapse in friction, and fall onto the floor in a pile of entropic ceramic pieces.

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