Silence isn’t Golden: National Service Week with Alpha Phi Omega

Colorado has one of the highest suicide rates in the country with a record of 1,175 deaths by suicide in 2017, according to the Colorado Health Institute. The Colorado School of Mines’ chapter of Alpha Phi Omega believes that the conversation around mental health and suicide prevention must continue with a raised volume because “Silence…

Alisha Eskew

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Heavy metal toxicity is more prevalent and destructive than one would think. Accumulation is a real danger to everyone today, especially with the continual usage of heavy metals in medical, agricultural, technological, and manufacturing applications. Even at low levels, heavy metals in the body can lead to problems with the nervous, hematopoietic, renal, and cardiovascular…

Best of Both Worlds

The difference between strength training and cardio and how often to do each type of exercise is often unclear in fitness. Most people know strength training helps build muscle and cardio helps burn fat, but there is more to it. Both strength training and cardio have different pathways to turn chemical energy in the form…

What do you Need?

We greet the start of a new semester with excitement as it signifies the beginning of many new adventures. To get through the difficult parts of these new experiences, taking care of our mental health is vital. A powerful tool to maintaining mental health lies in knowing our needs as humans. Every person has six…

Alisha Eskew

B Vitamins

An important part of nutrition and preventing illness is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Eight of the thirteen essential vitamins are B vitamins. They are important for the conversion of food to fuel, brain function, methylation (important for cell energy, growth, and the immune and nervous systems), and the synthesis of many…

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