AlphaTraz Kicks off E-Days

On Wednesday, April 19 of E-days, Alpha Phi hosted their annual AlphaTraz fundraising event. Leaders on campus were invited to participate as “jailbirds.” They set their bails and invited friends, club members and teammates to donate money to either bail them out or raise their bail. Since AlphaTraz is one of the first E-Days events,…

Alisha Eskew

Talking Body

Feb. 27-Mar. 3 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Eating disorders, which are often misunderstood, are classified as mental health disorders because that is exactly what they are: mental illnesses expressed with disordered eating behaviors. There are many different manifestations of eating disorders (EDs). The three main EDs are anorexia nervosa (deliberate starvation accompanied by…


No Change to Degree Programs

Students in the Chemical and Chemical and Biological Engineering degree program can focus a little more on Organic Chemistry and Thermodynamics this month, as Dr. David Marr, Department Head, assures students that no immediate changes are looming large. “We are always thinking about what we might do differently or better,” Dr. David Marr stated in…


New Professor Uses Nontraditional Approach to Lectures

While a traditional college learning setting sees a professor lecturing as students take notes, it is often a “light-bulb moment” of student self-discovery that leaves the largest learning impact. Experiential learning at Mines currently includes guided physics adventures in electricity to active-learning labs in general chemistry; however, a new Mines faculty member will be using…

The Invictus Initiative

Invictus: Latin; meaning unconquerable, undefeated. The Invictus Initiative held an informational meeting Monday, April 6th in Marquez Hall to discuss their newest announced trip to Nicaragua this summer. Their third visit there, this trip, as told by Co-founder Mike Kmita, will focus around humanitarian aid that focuses “… less about helping, more about learning and…

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