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Pfizer, BioNTech Announce Potential Covid-19 Vaccine

Graphic courtesy of Isabelle Goetz. The race for a coronavirus vaccine has had a major breakthrough, with Pfizer and BioNTech the first to achieve a high level of effectiveness in clinical trials. Their vaccine recently reported a 90% efficacy rate in tests on 43,500 people in six countries, with minimal associated safety concerns. Although multiple…

A cat can be a great companion. Image courtesy of Amelia Low.

Pet Shortage

A cat can be a great companion.Image courtesy of Amelia Low. Since the pandemic began, we have had a lot of bad news. Every month something crazy seemed to be taking over the internet—but for some reason there was relatively little coverage on the major increase in pet adoptions. The pandemic and quarantine forced many…


How Has Mines Survived This Long?

Image courtesy of Kayl Peck. Colleges have done everything they can to avoid it: a major COVID-19 outbreak on campus. Reducing dorm density, hosting mostly online classes, enforcing distancing protocols, putting cleaning supplies in every classroom, and making dining almost entirely takeout. All these measures have had a cost: equipping microphones, cameras, and cleaning supplies…



What happens when you have pandemic restrictions for gatherings, a grand budget of almost zero, and a call for something to do on a weekend? Create48! So what happened? On September 5th, the organizers (Geoff McIntyre, Summer Jackson, Jessie Fehrenbach, Chris Wilhoite) finished preparations in the evening just as the participants showed up. With everyone…


International Students Face Extraordinary Challenges

Countries of origin for Mines international students; the darker the country, the more Mines students. Image courtesy of Undergraduate Admissions. According to the “Mines by the Numbers” site, 10.4% of the student body were international students last year. With a combined enrollment of 6,522, that means that there were 679 international students. That means 679…


Mines Enrollment

After endless construction, campus opened this fall with Spruce Hall, Jackson Hall, and the parking garage (some of which may or may not be still under construction…ahem). Awkwardly, a pandemic happened and our new structures ready-ish to support everyone were reduced in capacity. Given the world being on fire, collegiate policy a hot mess across…


Mines Student Organizations Battle COVID’s Attack on Social Life

Extra! Extra! Read even more about it! Worldwide pandemic delivers a crushing blow to gatherings of any kind! I’m sure you’re being bombarded with COVID information from every direction, though maybe not in a 1920s newspaper boy voice. However, the newspaper boy is correct; social life has changed dramatically since March. This means that the…

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