Board of Student Organizations honors outstanding clubs with Organization of the Year award


Student organizations are a fundamental part of student life at Mines.  With almost 160 organizations, Mines organizations have something for everyone.  This year, the Board of Student Organizations would like to recognize two organizations for their outstanding leadership and dedication to the students on campus.  We feel these organizations exemplify what it means to be an active, responsible, and effective club on campus.  Please help us thank them for all of their hard work!

Courtesy Shooting Club

Shooting Sports, Colorado: Tier 2

The CSM Shooting Club has experienced a great deal of growth over the last year.  Not only have they achieved all of their yearly goals, they have gone above and beyond for their members.  The CSM Shooting Club’s mission is to educate and introduce students to firearms and firearms safety.  This year the club has hosted monthly events that incorporate a wide variety of sports for an affordable price.  By including a basic gun safety class with every event, students of all skill sets have been able to attend, increasing club membership and bringing in sponsors.  From this the group was able to increase event attendance by over 200% and has brought in over $14,000 in outside sponsorship over the course of the 2009-2010 school year.  The organization uses this money to provide a safe environment for all event participants along with helping subsidize the costs of shooting for club members.  The organization was also able to start a competitive shotgun team this year.  The club plans to continue to expand its variety of shooting sports over the coming years.  If you are interested in getting involved with the CSM Shooting Club, please email Caitlin Premo at for more information.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: Tier 3
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has been a leader on campus with their organization and community events.  In keeping with their organization mission to serve the campus and community as well as allow each person to make an educated decision whether or not to follow Jesus, the organization has hosted campus, community, and member events while increasing their membership by over 100% this past year.  Highlights include campus events such as handing out popsicles on the M-Climb, running a booth at E-Days, and raising over 1,000 lbs of food for the Castle of Cans Campus Food Drive.  The group also participates with the greater community through visits to the local retirement center, volunteering at a local shelter, and helping out at over 20 local not-for-profit organizations.  For its members, the group hosts seven Bible studies every week along with a weekly large group meeting.  In addition, InterVarsity hosts dinners for members and friends on a regular basis and attends conferences with chapters from other schools several times a year.  In the coming year the group plans to continue serving and expanding with quality while keeping a strong, stable base.  If you are interested in checking out InterVarsity Christian Fellowship all events are open to the campus, or you can contact Thomas Begley at for more information.


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