Minds at Mines: After Finals

The number of classes left until summer arrives can be counted on one hand. Hooray! Happy dance, wild cavorting, parties, stress free… Oh wait. Summer may be tantalizingly near, but there is still a tremendous obstacle impeding its path. Not just a tremendous obstacle, but a behemoth, a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the way of happiness. It’s a stressing, pass-or-fail, will-I-get-an-A-or-will-I get-a-B-and-ruin-the-GPA-forever obstacle. It’s about losing the will to crack open that textbook for a last time… Egads! It’s almost finals. So, in true Mines fashion, let’s ignore the pink elephant in the room and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. After finals. The summer. Ah, happiness.

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“After finals I am going to pack up and move out of the dorms. Over the summer? Well, I’m going to go home to New York.  It’s kind of exciting because I get to work for Hidden Lake Girl Scout camp as a camp counselor and a lifeguard. ”
Molly Shave


“I’m going to catch up on some sleep. Drinks. Catch up on some more sleep and work. Nothing special, but I’ll probably go home too. ”
Scott Feedl


“I’m going to ride an elephant from one side of Asia to the other. Why? To get to across Asia.”


“Celebrate good times, come on! Actually, a week after graduation, we will be headed to China, specifically Xian, for a global project with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. It’s going to be a cultural exchange at the Xian institute of Architecture and Technology. We’re spending six weeks in Xian, then coming back here for our friends’ wedding.”
Diana Goodrich and Daniel Haughtaling

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