Santiago’s proves half and half isn’t only for coffee


From the Colorado School of Mines, head down Washington Street towards highway 58 to find a small Mexican restaurant called Santiago’s.  Santiago’s is known as the home to some of the best breakfast burritos, making it a campus favorite.

These are not your run of the mill breakfast burritos. Santiago’s actually shapes their burritos, well…like burritos, contrary to the bizarre-shaped versions offered at other burrito joints. And unlike other restaurants, these burritos remain intact while they are being eaten.

Santiago’s has twenty-one locations in Colorado, with one location in Golden. The Golden Santiago’s has been in the same spot for the past seven years and has built up a large clientele of repeat customers by combining fresh food with good prices and excellent service. When you walk into Santiago’s, the first thing to notice is the mission statement on the wall, which states their dedication to good food offered at cheap prices. Near the mission statement are the many awards Santiago’s  has won for their great food and excellence in the community.

So what is it that makes a Santiago breakfast burrito so good? To start, every day the meat is hand-picked by the chef, so you never know which meat you will get until you order. The meats available during the week are: ham, bacon, chorizo, and breakfast sausage. No matter what the meat of the day is, the burrito will always taste amazing in combination with the freshly prepared scrambled eggs, and potatoes packed inside a white flour tortilla.

After ordering the burrito, the following question is asked, “Would you like mild, spicy, or half-n-half?” Half-n-half is just like it sounds, it is a mixture that is half spicy and half mild salsa. The employees at Santiago’s claimed that the half-n-half salsa came about because “some people thought that the hot salsa was too spicy and mild salsa wasn’t spicy enough, so we mixed the hot and mild salsas and created the half-n-half salsa.”

So if you find yourself craving an excellent breakfast burrito, and are up early enough in the morning to get one, head on down to Santiago’s and get your fix. When the daunting task of choosing a salsa is presented, go with the half-n-half. It’s a Santiago’s thing.


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