What’s Your Beef: Parking and power cords


Why aren’t there power cords to rent in the digger den? Suggestion: Keep 4-5 extension cords in stock, and hold BlasterCard during rental.
Good news! There are now power strips available for check out at the Student Center Information Desk. Your BlasterCard will be held at the desk during the check-out period. Thanks for the suggestion!

What is the school doing for the students about parking?

Ashley Young, ASCSM Vice President and Chair of the Parking Services & Public Safety Committee answered as follows:

The School:

  • An outside (private) consulting firm was hired to evaluate our parking system and recommend changes for next year.
  • Parking Services recently rebalanced several of the freshman lots (Ford, the upper gravel lot) to include upperclassman parking spaces. In light of the recent construction, Parking Services has also juggled moving faculty and other reserved spaces around the campus.
  • Ford lot will be expanded over the summer.
  • The Hall of Justice Lot is slated to be paved (and ultimately the three lots will be combined) in the near future.
  • A tiered parking system will be implemented in the fall that will include restructuring of faculty, staff, and student parking and associated fees.
  • A Parking Advisory Committee meets on a semi-regular basis with the directors of Facilities Management and Parking Services to discuss potential parking changes. Three of the members of this committee are students (less than a third of the representation on the board, but at least we have a voice).

Student Government:

  • ASCSM has re-established its Parking Services & Public Safety Committee. The committee meets on a weekly basis and has developed several surveys over the past year to collect feedback from the students about parking. The results of the surveys have been successfully shared with the director of Facilities Management and Parking Services. One of the greatest achievements of this committee has been the redevelopment of a good relationship with Parking Services on behalf of the students.
  • ASCSM has more narrowly defined its at-large representative positions, and those representatives are now required to meet with school administration, the mayor of Golden, and other community and school folks on a more regular basis.



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