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Course websites reach critical mass

The Mines campus is on high alert after Friday’s report that the number of course websites used at CSM reached critical mass. Officials are unsure how this situation will unfold, but they say that the results could be dire and far-reaching. “It’s exactly as bad as it sounds,” said CCIT representative Lisa Meitner, “the number of course websites has reached the point where new websites begin forming spontaneously.”

Scientific discoveries this week: 9-27-10

Pasadena, California – Scientists at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena  have discovered what appears to be a magnetic field they suspect could be left over from the Big Bang. While the true origin of this magnetic field is unclear, the researchers hope that it will point them to the origin of magnetism. The distortion and static from super-massive black holes and supernovae is the primary obstacle at this point in time, but scientists believe that the static can be eliminated from the signal.

Headlines from around the world: 9-27-10

The Republican party is asking many Hispanics to step up to take office this year, as an effort to draw more Hispanic voters in 2012. In the past, Hispanics have largely voted Democratic due primarily to  immigration policies. However this paradigm is changing for 2010, with the Hispanics on the GOP ballot taking tough stances on immigration, supporting Arizona’s decision on illegal immigration.

Beer Review: Anchor Steam

The California common beer, nicknamed steam beer for its foamy and effervescent nature, is one of the few truly unique American beer styles. Starting in the Gold Rush era, brewers of steam beer used lager yeast strains from Germany, however they lacked the sophisticated, industrial refrigeration systems normally used to give lager beer its clarity and crisp flavor. The result of this warmer than normal fermentation is a slightly hazy and complex-tasting libation unique to America.

Dr. Valeria Molinero

Shell Seminar covers liquid water’s formation of ordered phases

The September 24 installment of the Department of Chemical Engineering Shell Seminar series, “Ices, Clathrates, and Quasicrystal: How Does Liquid Water Form Ordered Phases,” presented by Dr. Valeria Molinero of the University of Utah, was an exploration of the title topics. Conveniently for the listener, Molinero broke her talk into four distinct sections, each dealing with an aspect of her subject matter.

Movie Review: The Town ranks high in new movies

Bank robberies are taken to a new extreme in “The Town.” “The Town”, directed by Ben Affleck, sports an amazing cast including Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner. Set in Georgetown, a project near Boston, Massachusetts, Doug Macray, played by Ben Affleck, is a bank robber who wants to get out of the business. But as any movie-goer knows, it is easier to get in than it is to get out. Unfortunately for Doug, he falls in love with a manager at a bank that he holds up. This complicates events as she is the only person who can identify the people who robbed her bank.


Cooking Corner: Garlic pita chips

Everyone loves a good guacamole. However, guacamole just is not the same without something to scoop it with, and that is where this week’s recipe comes in.  Pita chips are delicious and come in a variety of flavors, but buying bag after bag of them can quickly bust a student’s budget.  So instead, this simple recipe will allow you to make your own pita chips at home.  These chips, or their variations, are excellent when paired with your favorite dip or even as a standalone snack.

Frights for your Friday nights

October is almost here and that means it is nearly haunted house season. A pastime enjoyed by everyone from tweens to seniors, haunted houses create the spooky environment needed for Halloween. Whether you go for the adrenaline rush or just to watch your friends freak out, haunted houses are a great way to spend a weekend night in the month of October. This month, weekly haunted house reviews will be searching for the most frightening Friday night.

ACS Demo

ACS demos turn out to be a blast

On Tuesday, September 21, the American Chemical Society held their second meeting to perform some fun demonstrations. Nine demonstrations were chosen which included liquid nitrogen, a luminol reaction, and an oscillating clock reaction. President of the Mines chapter of ACS Matt Hartle stated, “We chose these experiments out of past experience and with a little help from [Dr. Mark] Seger.”

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