Celebrate Mines: Clubs, freebies, and whip crème pies

Last Friday was Celebration of Mines, and all the clubs and organizations eagerly tried to entice students to their booths to recruit some new members. There were few new clubs and many old faces. The Society of Physics Students made liquid nitrogen ice-cream, the Slackline Club was slack-lining, and many booths offered a plethora of free goods and candy, not to mention free ice-cream from the ice-cream trucks. There were even several people running around with whipped crème pies that the unsuspecting student might get smashed in their face.

For older students, there are a few new clubs to go check out. The Rugged Ministries, which is in its second year at Mines, had this to say, “Rugged Ministries is a Christian organization that focuses on bringing people closer to God… through things like climbing and mountain biking.” Their aim is not to compete with other Christian organizations on campus but to offer a different approach to the religion.

The Independent Film Club is starting its second semester and is halfway through their first big script. Club President J.T. Foss had this to say, “We have a script that’s sure to shock and challenge your views of society.” They have a short term goal of having a movie done some time this school year, but their partners in the AV club have more long term goals. “We are working on providing camera equipment and building camera equipment,” says Dr. Christian Shorey. The club partnership “shoots to improve Mines’s reputation as more than studious scientists and as filmmakers, especially on Youtube,” says Foss. “We currently have opportunities in everything.”

Another new club is the Miner Tones. It is a female quartet that is separate from the choir and is here for our entertainment. The club told me, “We are looking for an alto.” If they find this last member, “Hopefully at the end of the semester we’ll perform,” they said. It is still advised by the same professor as the choir, Professor Bob Klimek, so you can expect quality music from this group.

As always, Celebration of Mines was a great place to find new clubs and sign up for plenty of e-mail lists. Hopefully you have found at least one good club to join to take a break from studying. Even if you have not found the club for you, always remember that you are welcome to make one yourself. Hope to see you next year at Celebration of Mines.

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