Coffee Lover? Windy Saddle Cafe has you covered

For those that appreciate a fine cup of black gold, the Windy Saddle Cafe at 1110 Washington Avenue here in Golden has much to offer. The coffee at Windy Saddle is truly something to relish. Roasted in Milwaukee, WI using only the finest fair-trade organic beans, Alterra Coffee is what Windy Saddle serves its numerous clientele. As a coffee lover, I was very pleased with the Americano I was served; it was made exactly right with the perfect levels of smokiness and bitterness, balanced out with mild acidity and a warm, nutty aftertaste. Experience would dictate that if a shop can do an Americano well they can do anything well.

Not everything Windy Saddle serves is designed to give you a caffeine kick however. They offer a wide variety of fresh-baked breakfast and lunch items including quiche, croissants, granola, burritos, sandwiches, and much more. Having never been there before, my first impulse was to get the most popular sandwich, which according to the barista at the counter, was the Thunderbird, a flavorful sandwich with turkey, avocado, cheese and Windy Saddle’s homemade chipotle mayonnaise. The food was delivered promptly in less than ten minutes. The sandwich itself was very good, carefully balancing the spicy notes of the chipotle spread and the subtle, unique flavor of the avocado.

Following the trend of the times, Windy Saddle Cafe is housed in what appears to be an old shop, or garage, with exposed red brick walls creating an old-world charm. The atmosphere was comfortable and unassuming, with a large picture window looking out onto Washington Avenue, letting in lots of natural light. Sitting there enjoying a great sandwich and one of the best cups of coffee in months, one cannot help but be at peace with the world. That peace is not likely to be broken by the bill, either. The sandwich cost just shy of $7, while a 12 ounce Americano was $1.65. Quite a reasonable price to support a local business committed to quality and service. If you are one of those people that enjoys making your own coffee at home, Windy Saddle sells whole-bean Alterra Coffee in bulk for $10.95 a pound.

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