Considering Civil?

The Civil Engineering department here at Mines has a lot to offer it’s students, probably more than one might first imagine. Association of General Contractors (AGC) Vice-President Ryan Sullivan elaborated on what you can expect to do within the department. “Mines, for undergraduates, is really good for geotechnical and structural [engineering].” Many members of the faculty in the department did their graduate studies in structural, so it tends to attract students that are interested in the same.

One of the more common jobs for Mines Civil Engineering graduates is in the structural and geotechnical areas, and Sullivan commented that, “A lot of guys went to Kiewit Underground, but you can really do whatever you want.” The Civil degree here at Mines is in reality an engineering degree, with a Civil specialty. It really depends on what you want to do, because you are not limited to the traditional definition of Civil Engineering, although it is already a very broad category. The opportunities are nearly endless.

Sullivan said that he was thinking about doing graduate school, and getting his master’s degree. “I’m planning on applying to Purdue, CU, and Mines to get a Master’s in structural.” A Bachelor’s degree from Mines means you can go nearly anywhere you would like, most schools hold Mines in high regard.

One great option for students interested in Civil Engineering is the American Society of Civil Engineers and the AGC. These two organizations operate congruently here at Mines, and have their meetings and many of their events together. Ryan Sullivan is the vice-president of the AGC, and he commented on one of his main duties, “Right now, I’m planning the ‘links for success’ golf tournament, which is specifically for Mines students to network with professionals in the field. I will also end up doing pretty much anything the president can’t do.” Within these two organizations, there are many opportunities to make connections with companies and professionals within your field of interest, and if you’re persistent that can result in interviews and job offers.

If you think you would be interested in pursuing a Civil Engineering degree here at Mines, Sullivan had a few things to consider: “What kind of toys did you play with as a kid? If you played with Lincoln logs, Erector sets, or K’NEX, then maybe Civil is for you.” He went on, “Find out what your passion is, if you really enjoy structures, then you would probably like Civil [engineering].” Don’t think that you’re limited to only structural or geotechnical engineering just because that’s what Mines is known for, the reality is that with any engineering degree from this school you can go on to do almost anything you choose.

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