Andrew Bosela

Geek of the Week: Andrew Bosela, Senior, Petroleum/Geology

Here at Mines, we have many quirky, eccentric, and just downright geeky people. We have computer geeks, rock geeks, physics geeks, and the occasional music geek. Some have speculated that there may even be petroleum geeks, only to have the thought dismissed out of hand. An Alaskan native, Andrew Bosela is just such a geek, with a passion for energy. Here’s a mountain man for ya’.

Do you consider yourself a geek?
I’ve always been torn between the terminologies of ‘nerd and ‘geek,’ but I guess I would consider myself a geek, at least to the outside world. One possible difference between geeks and nerds is that nerds like Star Wars and geeks like Star Trek, but there can be some cross over.

What’s your favorite pastime?
My favorite pastime would have to be hanging out with friends, reading a book, playing music, and wood carving, along with many other things. I also love dancing. I do American-style Irish clogging, swing dancing, contra dancing, waltzes, and I used to take tap, but I haven’t done tap in many years. I have a lot of hobbies I do for fun.

What kinds of things have you carved out of wood?
Fish, bears, castles, human faces, pretty much anything you can think of, I would carve it. I think I’ve even carved an angel.

Why did you choose petroleum?
It was the last thing I thought I would choose when I came to this school, but I’m really interested in geothermal energy, and I talked to a few Icelandic gentlemen that said if I wanted do anything with geothermal engineering, I would need to be a petroleum major, so here I am. I also really like rocks.

Are you for Star Wars or Star Trek?
Star Trek. My favorite series would have to be the original series with Kirk and Mr. Spock.

What made you come to Mines?
Number one, I like the application process; number two, they have a really good financial aid package; number three, they have mountains and snow; and number four, the people I met when I visited campus were really my type of people. One guy I talked to just started talking about random scientific stuff, and I realized I would fit in here really well.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
To fly. That way, I wouldn’t be limited to ground travel, and I could just take off and go places, land for some food, and keep going. I could circumnavigate the globe.
If you could change any one thing about Mines, what would it be?
Besides the ratio, I would have more on-campus housing, just to have more people around, a closer community. More school spirit. The only time we really act like a school is over E-Days. Just that excitement, the community.

If you could make a new class here at Mines, what would it be?
I would want to make something completely random, completely opposite to science. Probably something like hairstyle engineering, totally not like Mines at all. I would never take this class, though. Another fun one would be advanced logging techniques, like how to take down a tree in one strike, that would be great.

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