Riley Geistmann

Geek of the Week: Riley Geistmann, Freshman, Electrical Engineering

In Golden, Colorado resides the quaint campus of the School of Mines. It is littered with laser-pointing, computer-building, and video-game-playing students. Unbeknownst to them, they are in a competition for Geek of the Week. This geek must exceed the preconceptions of geekiness and transcend into the realm of ridiculous. For this week’s Geek, I searched Mines far and wide to locate that special outlier. His name is Riley Geistmann. Geistmann is a freshman from Redding, California, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He plays video games, builds computers, and never, under any circumstance, conforms.

Oredigger: What are your favorite types of games, and why?
Riley: Role playing games (RPG) and real time strategies (RTS) because in an RPG you can get involved with the game fully and RTS because it is a good time waster.

How did you start getting into building computers?
I researched into it. I could build something more powerful and more customized for less money. I have built two. One is a gaming computer and one is a photo editing computer for my grandmother.

What is your favorite class?
Physics Lab, because it is the only class that has challenged me and has presented new information.

What is the inspiration for your style?
I like to stand out. I do not want to be part of the conformity.

What’s your favorite outfit?
A kilt, because it is comfortable, increased in airflow, and definitely gets people’s attention.

What kind of music do you listen to?
Celtic, blue grass, and classical because I really like the violin and I have Celtic origins.

How many years have you played the violin? Did you compete? Best experience?
I played the violin for 9 years. I competed in some fiddle competitions, but did not place. My best experience with the violin was my first fiddle competition. There were lots of people, and I got to play for all of them. While playing for all these people I was a mix of nervous and excited.

How does Colorado compare to California?
The weather is better here. In California, the weather is about 105 all summer. The Colorado culture and the California culture are about the same. The places look the same, except Colorado is much greener.

How many hours have you logged into video games?
Let’s say, probably, like 5 years. For all the ladies reading this, I would like them to know I got the thumbs of a champion and can push that right button.

If you had any super power what would it be?
Teleportation because I like the idea of being about to be anywhere and everywhere at once.

If you could conquer one country, which one would you be?
I have no clue, why would I even conquer a country? Let’s go with New Zealand, because I like the landscape.

If you could be any video game character which charter would you embody and why?
Luigi, because he was my favorite Mario brother.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen on campus?
I keep seeing this guy on unicycle, or the people running a slack rope.

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