Golden Bowl

Golden Bowl offers classic, budget-friendly entertainment

Bowling may not be associated with fun in the mind of the average college student, but perhaps it should be at the Colorado School of Mines. Mines students are lucky enough to be situated only a mile away from Golden Bowl, a classic bowling alley located at 525 24th Street.

Golden Bowl, founded in 1952 (as reflected by the historic exterior signs), was fully renovated four years ago by then-owner and Chinese immigrant Thomas Yang. Mr. Yang also added a full Chinese restaurant to the facility. In 2009, he sold Golden Bowl to Mike and Cindy Keily, who both have extensive experience with amateur and professional bowling. They converted the Chinese restaurant into a diner serving American, Italian, and even a little Mexican food and renamed it Rose’s Diner, in honor of a deceased relative. In addition to the restaurant, Golden Bowl has a snack bar and a tavern in the bowling area as well. As a testament to its bowling facilities, next month Golden Bowl will be hosting the Professional Bowler’s Association’s Southwest Region Golden Bowl Challenge.

Fortunately for the cost-conscious among us, the Golden Bowl is affordable. Prices range from $0.50 to $3.50 for a game ($7.00 to $12 for a pass) and from free to $2.75 for shoes depending upon the day of the week, time of day, and exact offer used. Probably the best combined deal occurs Monday and Wednesday from 9 PM until 12 AM when bowling is $1 per game and shoe rental is $1 as well. Entrées at Rose’s Diner are reasonable as well, ranging from $3.25 for just a hamburger to $14.00 for a 12-inch pizza. Appetizers range from $2.00 for a pretzel to $7.00 for a variety basket of munchies. I tried a 7-inch pizza and it was excellent, with a very homemade taste.

Of course, one could not spotlight a bowling alley without actually playing a game. I proudly bowled about a 35. Not surprisingly, I lost to my compatriot. More surprisingly, he only bowled a 50! We enjoyed ourselves immensely, proving anyone can have fun at timeless Golden Bowl, regardless of bowling talent.

Here are a couple of pictures I took as well:

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