Golden RTD bus stop hot spots

At the beginning of every school year we pay a fee for a bus pass on our tuition. This is good if you ride the bus frequently and know where to go, but if not, you look at that little sticker and wonder “Why on earth do I have this?” So here are a few ideas on what to do with your bus pass.

1. Go to the mall!
We are lucky enough to be very close to the Colorado Mills Mall. The Mills includes top notch stores and entertainment for people of all ages. There’s also the Putting Edge Fun Center which offers 18 holes of stunning glow-in-the-dark miniature golf. The fluorescent paints and black lights will add fun to any night. “I love Colorado Mills mall! It’s big and it has lots of stores” says sophomore Cassie Baird. To get the mall take the 16L from the stop at 13th across from the Safeway. You get off at the Denver West/Colorado Mills pkwy stop for a total travel time of about 15 minutes. And don’t forget the two United Artist theaters in the area if you have some extra cash for a movie.

2. Go Downtown!
The 16 and 16L conveniently travel all the way downtown via Colfax Avenue. Denver hosts many fun, entertaining things to do including bowling, movie theatres, and a clubbing/bar scene for those of a legal age. For those people who are out of state, there are plenty of tourist attractions. The Denver mint is located right in the middle of downtown and offers tours by reservation. The Denver Art Museum is full of historic and contemporary pieces that will impress any artist out there. The Denver Public Library is a monstrous five story building jam packed with books where you can find anything you need. And do not miss the Denver Center of the Performing Art’s spectacular ballets, operas, plays, and concerts. Sophomore Thomas Horner says, “My favorite thing to do downtown is go watch fire dancers and tribal drummers at Confluence Park, Sunday nights.”

3. Casa Bonita!
Casa Bonita featured in the Comedy Central TV series South Park actually exists, for those of you from out of state who do not know. Located in the shopping center on Pierce and Colfax, this restaurant is top notch for having an extremely silly night. It has the third largest gold dome in Colorado after the state capital and our own Guggenheim Hall. However if you want good Mexican food, this is not a place to go. The cliff diving is impressive but the acting in the skits is a little corny. If you are an enthusiastic, silly person and are from out of state it is required that you go to Casa Bonita, as everyone has to go at least once.

Some tips for riding the bus:
1. Know when the busses end. “My friends don’t like me because I used to get stranded downtown all the time,” says Horner.
2. Know your route before you leave. If you don’t know where to get off it could lead to confusion.
3. “Some routes go to multiple destinations,” advises Horner, “make sure, when taking the 16 eastbound that you are going to Golden and not Cold Springs.
4. Horner also says, “Busses never come when they are scheduled to, always show up 5 or so minutes early.”
5. Always be safe and have a plan B. If you do get stranded, make sure you either have money for a taxi or a friend who is willing to bail you out.

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