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Minds at Mines: Pet Peeves

While sitting in Slate thinking about what question I wanted to ask people, someone really irritated me. My blood was pumping and after analyzing the situation it dawned up me. I wanted to know what grinds peoples’ gears. Everyone has something that ticks them off. Whether it is road rage from the grandpa driving the Buick or betas in the gym, there is something that ticks off everyone. So I asked, what grinds your gears?

Question: What grinds your gears?

“Colorado drivers cannot drive. People almost hit the front of my car when they switch lanes and the speed limit is too low.” – Kjirsten Olson

Emil “Whenever I take Jack3d for my pre-workout I feel like I’m on crack and really really ready to squat, and then there’s someone bicep curling in the squat rack. It’s MY squat rack.” -Emil Marinov

“The outhouses by the construction zone on the way to Weaver smell like crap.” -Chris Sanford chris

lauren “Whenever you are eating at slate with your friends and someone asks to sit with you but doesn’t talk. It’s weird, talk about movies or something.” -Lauren Lundquist

“When math teachers make 15 mistakes every seminar, it is like the class is fighting against her. Also, when two dudes approach me and call me gay and then ask how I get all the women, grinds my gears.” -Sam “the man” Egelhoff sam

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