Mines Trivia Crossword

Across Clues Down Clues
1        Freshman’s orientation trek
4       Historic Golden restaurant (2 wrds)
5       Location of the Mines mine (2 wrds)
7       School Color
9       Geologic concert venue (2 wrds)
10       Guggenheim has one of the largest in Colorado    
(2 wrds)
11       Miner’s headgear
13       Name of downtown mainstreet
14       Popular computer game (abr.)
16       Honors minor program
18       Freshman eatery (2 wrds)
19       Popular pizza place
2         “Testing Lab” beer brand
3       Library’s coffee brand (2 wrds)
6       Mine’s girls are often compared to
(2 wrds)
7       Mine’s animal mascot
8       River through Golden (2 wrds)
12       Petroleum Engineering building
15       Campus spring celebration
17       Group that runs Thrusday movie night


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