Motion City Soundtrack to perform in Denver this Fall

Formed in 1997, Motion City Soundtrack has been rocking the airwaves with their pop punk attitude, catchy rhythms, and geeky lyrics. Eight years ago when the hit single “Everything is Alright” made it onto MTV, Motion City Soundtrack has been creating unique pop punk music that can best be described as varied and sporadic. Their newest album, My Dinosaur Life, was funded by Blink-182’s own bassist Mark Hoppus, but the band would have never made it to this point if it was not for the success of their second album, “Commit This to Memory.” Ever since then, Motion City Soundtrack has opened for bands such as the All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy and Metro Station, just to name a few.

Motion City Soundtrack’s inspiration comes from bands like the Flaming Lips and Jawbox, which have both been described as punk groups. The band also draws inspiration from psychedelic rock and indie backgrounds. Motion City Soundtrack’s lead vocalist Justin Pierre claims that most of the lyrics of his songs are from people whom he believes to tell stories.

The band has had much turmoil over who should play which instrument in their early years and as a result only two members of the band are original members, but by 2002 the band’s current line-up was established. Justin Pierre (lead vocalist and guitarist) and Joshua Cain (backing vocals and guitarist) are the only original members of Motion City Soundtrack. The other members of the band include Jesse Johnson (Moog synthesizer and keyboardist), Matthew Taylor (bass guitarist, pianist, and backing vocalist), and Tony Thaxton (percussionist and backing vocalist).

After four albums, Motion City Soundtracks’ success is based mostly upon the band’s determination to constantly be on tour. By not headlining, Motion City Soundtrack has played many smaller shows at smaller venues. An example of this is their appearance in Denver at the Summit Music Hall this October when they open for Say Anything. So if tests are not too overbearing around October 23 and you have around twenty-five dollars burning a hole in your pocket, why not head over to the Summit Music Hall in Denver and support Motion City Soundtrack and hear some good music in the process.

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