Movie Review: The Town ranks high in new movies

Bank robberies are taken to a new extreme in “The Town.” “The Town”, directed by Ben Affleck, sports an amazing cast including Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm, and Jeremy Renner. Set in Georgetown, a project near Boston, Massachusetts, Doug Macray, played by Ben Affleck, is a bank robber who wants to get out of the business. But as any movie-goer knows, it is easier to get in than it is to get out. Unfortunately for Doug, he falls in love with a manager at a bank that he holds up. This complicates events as she is the only person who can identify the people who robbed her bank.

Jon Hamm, as Special Agent Adam Frawley, boasts a tremendous performance while he chases down the ultimate fugitive team. The bank robbers come from a line of bank robbing ancestors. As the saying goes, “like father, like son.” In “The Town”, this expression comes full circle once Doug realizes that for the final job that he has to perform is for a man for whom his father worked. If that does not complicate emotions enough, Doug also has to deal with his long time friend, James Coughlin, who persuades Doug to complete this one last job. When all is said and done, the pulse pounding action and realistic effects of “The Town” will leave the viewer speechless as the events of Doug’s life unfold.

The movie is a decent length at about two hours, so it will not eat up your entire weekend. It also has great acting, an amazing story with great plot twists, and an all-star cast that shares film time exceptionally well. When all else fails, be sure to have a plan B when you are in “The Town.”

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