“The Right Place to Be” is the right CD to have

At first listen, “The Right Place To Be EP” by Adventure Galley is surprisingly professional for a debut album of a relatively unknown band. After a few listens it is not surprising that Adventure Galley won the recent Toyota Music Rock The Space 2 contest. The album begins with a soulful prelude that sets the scene for the rest of the album; of course everything only gets better from here. This leads right into “Knife In The Sail,” a song that is sure to find you tapping your foot along with the jazzy beat. As you fall deeper into the CD, you will find yourself in amazement that such a great debut album is even possible.

The focus of the album is the fourth track, “Addict.” This song was the song that was featured in the contest, and having been the best of several thousand submissions, it is clear that if you listen to anything, listen to this song. Personally, I have played this song for friends and had them guess the band. Most think it is a lost Killers masterpiece and are delightfully shocked to know they are listening to something that is new.

All in all, the album is the best debut album I have ever heard. While some of the timing can be off in locations, and some musical transitions are a bit contrived, after a few listens these become part of the character of the album and serve as a reminder that all bands start off in a similar manner. For the time being, the album has not received a large release, but by searching Adventure Galley on MySpace, you can listen to some of the songs and, at least for the present, you can purchase the album for the amazing price of $1.00.  Hopefully Adventure Galley can rise above their roots with their new recording contract with MySpace Music, and if everything goes right, I hope to be hearing their gritty, Killers-esque style for many years to come. If not there will always be this great EP.

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