Resident Evil: Afterlife – A lot of nothing can be fun

Gore and outrageous action scenes flood every nook of the new Resident Evil movie. Dubbed “Afterlife,” the movie picks up right after Alice left Nevada in the previous movie, Resident Evil: Extinction. Assisted by Claire and Chris Redfield, Alice searches for Arcadia, a place where the infection is rumored to not exist.

Though any true fan of the Resident Evil franchise will enjoy this movie, anyone else will shrug their shoulders as they try to understand who certain key characters are. To say the least, if you have not seen any of the other three movies, especially Resident Evil: Extinction, do not see this movie. Featuring characters from the video game Resident Evil 5, the movie begins and ends many stories in the short one hour and thirty minute movie length.

Although the movie is fun and enjoyable to watch, by the end of the movie one may ask themselves, “What just happened?” At the end of the movie, the fact is this: nothing happens. It does answer a few questions here and there, but most of that information can be obtained from any spoiler on the Internet. By the end of the movie, it is apparent that there are sure to be at least two more Resident Evil movies to be released to the public, dependant on if this current Resident Evil movie makes enough money in the box-offices to move those films to the big screen. If previous numbers mean anything, this movie is predicted to gross about fifty million dollars, but if this number is not reached the chances of future movies become slim.

So if you want some fun at the movies on a weekend and are not worried about the cost of a movie ticket, go see Resident Evil: Afterlife. Just remember, if a movie is fun to watch, it does not mean that it is a good movie.

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