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Diamonds in the scrum: Mines Women’s Rugby takes on Denver’s Black Ice in prom dress rugby

Set. Touch. ENGAGE! On the first night of October, the Colorado School of Mines Women’s Rugby Team took on Denver’s Black Ice in a thrilling exhibition match. There was scrumming, rucking, tackling and… prom dresses? Yes. Prom Dress Rugby, also called the “Debutante Ball,” was back for another year, illustrating quite clearly the connection between beauty and pain.

Men’s soccer ranked #1 in country

It has become the norm of late for the Mines athletic program to witness success. Across the board most of the Oredigger athletics have become national forces in their sports. But that was not good enough for the men’s soccer team. They have exploded with solid play so far, soaring to an 8-0-1 record. This start, including two wins over formerly-ranked #1 Fort Lewis, has vaulted the Orediggers into history as they became the first team in CSM history to be ranked #1 in the nation.

Cross Country places at Louisville Classic

On Saturday the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country teams both competed in one of their largest meets of the season in the Louisville Classic at Tom Sawyer State Park in Louisville, KY.

Leading off of a fifteenth place overall finish from senior Ben Zywicki, the Men’s Cross Country Team soared to second place overall out of 38 teams, following Louisville University, a Division I program. The Orediggers also defeated other Division I teams including the University of Mississippi, Georgia Tech, UNC Greensboro, Georgia University, University of Kentucky and the University of Missouri. Additionally, Mines outlasted other ranked Division II programs including #4 Grand Valley State, #7 Southern Indiana, #8 Queen’s University, #10 Shippensburg, #11 Edinboro, #12 Harding, #23 Columbus State and #25 Bellarmine. Zywicki’s time of 24:03 was less than 45 seconds behind the leader and was in the top five of Division II runners.


Athlete of the Week: Cody Renken, Junior, Football

Not many people can say that their high school sport garnered more fans than a Division II collegiate football program. Cody Renken can. Renken, now playing football for Mines, was not daunted when regular season games at Smithson Valley High School in Smithson Valley, Texas witnessed crowds averaging about five thousand in number, with critical playoff games drawing an astounding 22,000 spectators. As an Oredigger, Renken now brings that same passion and fire each and every game to a team that is now on an offensive tear.

Mines’ football team is currently on pace to approach or exceed numerous offensive records, and most of the focus has been on standout quarterback Clay Garcia. But Garcia cannot get any passing yards without a superior play on the receiving end. That superior play has come from many of his wide outs, especially Renken. Currently, Renken compounds his ranking of second in receptions, yardage and touchdowns for the Orediggers with the spark he provides in the return game. For his effort and his performance in leading a dangerous Mines football team toward success Renken is this week’s Athlete of the Week.

What’s Your Beef? 10-4-10

“Please set more double/dual monitor computers in the Library/Computer labs.”

For this topic I referred to Zachary Boerner and two Student Government representatives that sat on the Technology Fee Committee last year to get their input on the feasibility of this request.

Zachary Boerner:
“While having more computers with dual monitors would be nice for many uses, the cost still remains prohibitive given the required quantity and the fact that many people would not use the dual setup. The Tech Fee committee on campus receives over 30 proposals a semester and since not all of these can be funded, items must be prioritized. Dual monitor support is not, compared to many other projects on campus, a high priority. However, if you wish to see more dual-monitor support, you should probably talk to CCIT and inform them that you would like to see more labs that have this ability.”

A letter to the underclassmen

Dear Underclassmen (including the “POed Mines Student”),   The CSM Campus has recently become riddled with criticism. As many might suspect, these grievances address the difficulty of the classes being offered. But they are not coming from the upperclassmen. They are made in vast numbers by the lower classes (freshmen and sophomores) who feel that…

Music Review: Rocking The Suburbs

At this point calling Arcade Fire a true indie band is a little like calling Star Trek a fresh new show. Still, the release of their new album, The Suburbs, has been treated with a new excitement in indie nerds such as me. Starting the album, I was personally pleased by the clarity and coalesced nature of the music. The title track, “The Suburbs,” holds a charming beat reminiscent of an old saloon with a very active piano starting off the mix. While this song is good, it seems to go on a bit too long. Luckily this element is quickly put to the side with the strong piercing beats of “Ready To Start.” For the next few songs, including my personal favorite “Modern Man,” the album remains deceptively pensive by disguising deep lyrics with cheerful bounding instrumental parts.

The stars shine brightly above Mines: Cassiopeia

If you find yourself in Golden on any given night, many of the stars to the northeast are sadly washed out by the strong lights of Denver, Boulder, and campus itself. Regardless of this travesty, unless you are standing right under a street lamp, it is likely that you will be able to find the familiar five stars of Cassiopeia. Similar to the vain, mythological queen the constellation is named after, Cassiopeia seems to shimmer with an awe-inspiring beauty. Part of this may come from the surprising fact that the brightest star in this constellation is not a star at all, but a recent supernova, the light of which only reached our planet 300 years ago.

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