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Men’s Soccer defeats UCCS 4-0

The Colorado School of Mines (CSM) men’s soccer team resoundingly defeated the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) Mountain Lions 4-0 October 15.
The game began in exciting fashion, when CSM freshman forward Baski Baker scored in the fifth minute. He was assisted by fellow freshman forward Tesho Akindele, in a play which was more effective than beautiful. This was Baker’s eighth goal of the 2010 season.

Mines football defeats Western State 39-13

Nothing seems to be able to stop the Colorado School of Mines football lately. The academic equivalent of this feat, in which the Orediggers have outscored their opponents 276-133, would be like getting 100% scores on every Principles of Chemistry exam. The trend continued Saturday as Mines defeated the Western State Mascots 39-13 at the Mountaineer Bowl in Gunnison, CO.


Athlete of the week: Megan Woodworth, Sophomore, Soccer

In a school famed for its solid educational background, it comes as no surprise that for the past three years the Colorado School of Mines Women’s Soccer team has produced the RMAC Academic Women’s Soccer Player of the Year. For the 2010 edition, it was CSM sophomore Megan Woodworth who received the honor. Woodworth, currently deciding between mechanical and chemical engineering majors, sports a perfect 4.0 GPA during her time at Mines. To qualify for an All-Academic honor, an athlete must complete at least two semesters at their school and hold at least a 3.30 GPA. A total of 11 athletes were named to the All-Academic First Team. Of these 11, Woodworth was the only student to be unanimously selected to the first team and one of only two to hold unblemished 4.0 GPAs.

SHC Seminar Series: Fixing your introverted friends

“Introversion and extroversion are like ‘personality orientations,’” said student health center representative Winston Smith, “and as with all orientations, introverts can be changed into extroverts given enough therapy.” Smith went on to explain that many resources exist for students concerned about their unsociable friends. “I’m betting that a lot of you in the room right now are ex-introverts, recovering introverts,” Smith said, “rescued from a life of unnatural introversion by, perhaps, another ex-introvert. You guys have an amazing drive for converting others, but I’m also betting that you know how hard it can be to get some introverts to acknowledge they have a problem.”

Mark Manganello

Minds at Mines: Saturday morning cartoons

The expected question for this week’s Minds at Mines would be “What did you do for fall break?” In pure engineering fashion, however, it made more sense to think outside the box.  Instead, there are much more pressing issues on the minds here at Mines. In particular, what do they think of Saturday morning cartoons these days? Gone are the days of “Hey Arnold!,” “The Rugrats,” “Scooby Doo,” and “Tom and Jerry.” There is a hole where Wile E. Coyote, Foghorn Leghorn, and Sylvester once stood. We decided to find out what students thought about the current state of cartoons.

Morals for your story: 10-25-10

I have a very serious mental illness and would like to be open about it, but I am not sure how soon to reveal it to people or to whom I should be open about it. It is well-maintained and most people don’t even know I have a problem until they either see me taking medicine or I tell them about it. One day, I would like to educate the world about it, but most people already have misconceptions about the illness and make jokes about it. How do I handle this without overexposing myself?
-Weighing Education and Exposure


Music Review: Act So Big Forest; Triton, a compilation of CO-bands

There are a lot of music-collective groups bouncing around Colorado these days (so many, in fact, it’s hard to keep track of them all). In my opinion, creating a culture that fosters cooperation and collaboration truly speaks volumes about the local music community. Case-in-point: Act So Big Forest Compilation Vol. 1: TRITON. A broad range of acts from all-over the Front Range constitute the 20 bands featured on the compilation curated by Jonathan Alonzo (who is a member of at least 5 groups on the ASBF label).


Music Review: Monuments and Melodies

Bombs have hit the shelves! Hurry up and save your ears by picking up an Incubus album. Lead by vocalist Brandon Boyd, Incubus has had multi-platinum success. DJ Kilmore, who runs the turn table, gives Incubus their unique, alternative, funky rock style, while drummer Jose Pasillas, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and bassist Alex Katunich all add important elements to that unique sound. The band has been together since 1991 and launched six studio albums. A great feature to Incubus’ style is that each album is different from the other and Incubus transforms their style periodically. Incubus’s newest album is a greatest hits album called Monuments and Melodies.

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