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RED brings an enjoyable action-comedy to the silver screen

Frank Moses, a former black-ops agent, is placed on a death list when he is classified as RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous). Bruce Willis portrays Frank Moses and he lives a simple life as a retired citizen, doing activities that any retired person would do (namely call young women and live off of government pension checks). This lifestyle is great until a death squad arrives at his front door, guns blazing. Fortunately for him, he survives and is able to reassemble his old black-ops team that features fellow retirees portrayed by Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren. Simply put, RED is about Frank Moses attempting to get his life back to normal and win the heart of Sarah Ross, a government pension telephone assistant.

Community Spotlight: Ali Baba offers a taste of the Mediterranean

Looking for a culinary treat from another continent? Look no further than Ali Baba Grill at 109 Rubey Drive in Golden. Serving up a variety of fine Lebanese and Persian foods, Ali Baba Grill offers something an entirely unique cuisine to the Golden area. Founded in 2000 by Fiyahd Aoutabachi and Mahmoud Dukmak, the restaurant has received multiple awards for best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food in Golden, and has become known as a destination for fine dining. Natives of Syria and Lebanon, Aoutabachi and Dukmak have brought their love for good food and hospitality to Golden in order to serve a blend of authentic flavors from their homeland.


Boston still sounds great after all these years

A few albums do not age well.  Boston, by Boston, on the other hand, has gotten nothing but better in the 34 years since it debuted. Unlike other bands such as Journey, who recently received a huge boost in sales due to popular media using their songs, Boston appears to have remained somewhere in the lead, despite having only been in a few games and shows. So why does this album stand out? For one, each song on the album carries itself and can stand alone.

Book Review: The Machine of Death

The internet is a fascinating thing. With the rise of quick virtual communication, collaborative efforts have become the norm as people from every part of the global society now have the ability to work together. This momentum was captured by the enterprising creators of the web-comics Dinosaur Comics (Ryan North) and Wondermark (David Malki!) for a new anthology of short stories titled Machine of Death: A collection of stories about people who know how they will die.

Beer Review: Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

The Dogfish Head Brewery’s motto is “off-centered ales for off-centered people.” They might want to add “darn good” as well, because Dogfish Head Brewery makes a variety of many amazing brews. The 60 Minute IPA, their most popular brew, employs a novel brewing process called “continuous hopping,” where hops are gradually added over the course of an hour-long boil, rather than the more conventional two or three hop additions. Dogfish Head cannot keep up with demand for its flagship IPA, nor do they want to. Founder Sam Calagione said, “We are not interested in turning into the ‘60 Minute Brewing Company,’” instead choosing to focus on their other world-class beers.

Rootbeer Kegger

The Den hosts Halloween rootbeer kegger

For longer than any student at Mines can remember, the Christian ministry house known as “The Den” has hosted a Root Beer Kegger at Halloween. With an assortment of ghosts, ghouls, goblins and glamour girls, this years’ edition was a fine showing of the best minds at Mines producing some excellent costumery. This Root Beer Kegger is an event sponsored by every Christian organization on campus, and is put on to give Mines students a chance to relax and enjoy Halloween in true nerd fashion: with a cup of root beer!

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