Cafe 13 starts the day off right

Ever crawl out of bed in the morning and feel the need for a hot, fresh breakfast and a good cup of joe? Then head on over to Cafe 13 in downtown Golden.

Housed in the old Armory Building at 1301 Arapahoe Street (entrance on 13th Street) since early 2009, Cafe 13 prides itself on great food and great coffee. The atmosphere of the establishment seems purposefully designed to create a place for community gatherings with a calm, relaxing feel. First impressions supported the notion that the cafe would be a good place to study, write a paper, or have a quiet conversation with a friend.

According to the proprietor, Cafe 13’s most popular lunch item is the Turkey Pesto sandwich made with wheat bread, fresh vegetables, and sliced turkey. After biting into the sandwich, it was immediately obvious why it’s so popular. The flavors were perfect; the mellow, almost creamy flavor of the turkey complimented by the lively sweetness of the pesto. Topped with provolone, fresh crisp lettuce and tomatoes, this is a sandwich well worth the money. Not only does it taste great, the high-quality, fresh produce makes it very healthy as well. Tasty, filling, and healthy describes any meal at Cafe 13. When combined with some of their excellent coffee, it is sure to be a delicious meal.

The prices at Cafe 13 are slightly higher than elsewhere, but the food and atmosphere make up for the cost. The total cost the meal was just over $10 after tax, with the sandwich coming in at $8 and the 12 oz regular coffee at $1.50. Breakfast meals cost a bit less, with the ham & cheese croissant priced at $5.50. The sandwiches come with a nice helping of potato chips, and the combination is most definitely worth $10. All in all, Cafe 13 is a quality establishment, delivering good food and drinks and providing a comfortable atmosphere.

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