Diamonds in the scrum: Mines Women’s Rugby takes on Denver’s Black Ice in prom dress rugby

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Set. Touch. ENGAGE! On the first night of October, the Colorado School of Mines Women’s Rugby Team took on Denver’s Black Ice in a thrilling exhibition match. There was scrumming, rucking, tackling and… prom dresses? Yes. Prom Dress Rugby, also called the “Debutante Ball,” was back for another year, illustrating quite clearly the connection between beauty and pain.

Roby Brost / Oredigger  

Thirty women adorned in prom dresses and scrum caps advanced on the field, ready to wreak havoc. As one team member commented, “It’s infinitely more satisfying to tackle someone in a dress.” But the evening wear did not appear to slow the Lady Orediggers down. They may have looked like debutantes, but the twenty minute quarters of the exhibition just go to show that this women’s rugby team will not let any one stand in their way with a ball for long.

The first two quarters were rough on the Orediggers, as they repeatedly advanced the ball to within yards of the try zone only to be turned back. But at one point, fullback Katharine Dahm, decked out in a floor length pink evening gown, received the ball from Hannah Menke, sporting a red velvet mini, and advanced nearly half the field before succumbing to the scrum. By halftime, the Denver Black Ice had scored five tries to lead Mines 25-0. The Black Ice were proving to be relentless.

In the second half, the Lady Oredigger’s really picked up their game, and quite often, even their opponents. This time, the Orediggers had many more opportunities and made it near the try several more times. During the final play of the match, Heather Henkle received the ball and made it within feet of the try zone, but it was not to be. The game ended with excellent sportsmanship and a 45-0 win for Denver’s Black Ice.

The night may not have ended in a numerical win for Colorado School of Mines, but it was still a successful evening. The Prom Dress Rugby Match is meant to be a fun and unique event for everyone. From raffle tickets and prizes to concessions and shirts, the crowd was enthusiastic and raucous in support of their team. It was a great time throughout and just goes to show you that no one is too pretty to play rugby.

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