Haunted House Review: The Field of Corpses

This week’s haunted house visited the Field of Corpses in Arvada. At this haunted house, a personal guide leads groups through a menagerie of spooky scenes. The fun begins by crawling through a hearse into a cemetery, followed by a trip through a swamp, creepy candy store, nuclear facility, and much more. This haunt plays on all the senses. All of the props are made by the owner and are very impressive. The use of projected scents creates an atmosphere that is very real. Visitors are subjected to small spaces, pitch-black corridors, and bursts of air at times. All of these different and new components create a unique experience.

web_haunted2This said, Field of Corpses has its faults. The actors again, were sub-par. Most were very inexperienced and thought the only way to scare a customer was to scream at them. By the end of the house, ears were ringing and heads were aching. In addition, the guide told bad jokes rather than do anything to make the experience more frightening.

For those with strong ears, this is a good haunted house – just going for the props is worth it. The line is practically non-existent on Sunday night, but on Fridays and Saturdays the line can get long. However, the wait is bearable as scary movies play on a projector for those waiting. Overall this haunt receives two and a half ghosts out of five. Stay tuned for next week’s haunted house review.

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