The Haunted Field of Screams

Haunted House Review: The Haunted Field of Screams

Taking advantage of the nice weather, the first haunt of the season was a visit to the haunted corn maze. The Haunted Field of Screams, located in Thornton at 104th Ave and Riverdale Road, is a place for adults and kids alike. The Dead Man’s Hallow night-time maze is a trail without actors and only the dark to frighten. During the day, it is a pumpkin patch where visitors can buy gourds of all shapes and sizes.

The actual haunted maze itself holds the standards put forth by the previous year. It is long, with almost 30 minutes of walking, running, and screaming. Try to make sure that your group is alone, making sure to get scared by every actor. Finding yourself alone apart from group only adds to the thrill. There are several stops along the way that are all different themes. From an old decrepit school bus to a house filled to the brim with strobe lights and clowns, this haunt has it all. In between these shacks and attractions groups wander through the corn just waiting to be scared by actors springing out from between the rows. It truly is an adventure in the dark. There were some parts of the experience that were less than favorable. Even in September, the line was very long. It only gets longer as Halloween gets closer, so go early or buy tickets online to get straight to the haunted house line. This haunted house also lacks actor authenticity. A lot of the actors look, and are, very young. They lack the experience needed to deliver a superb scare. There are also a lack of props and complex costumes, everything is very basic.

Overall the Haunted Field of Screams is recommended, especially for those that scare easily. The Haunted Field of Screams receives three ghosts out of five.

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