Headlines from around the world: 10-4-10

2,200 feet of rock has not prevented 33 Chilean miners from enjoying comforts from home. The miners, who have been trapped below ground for eight weeks as of October 5, are using a cellphone-mounted projector to watch movies and can communicate with their rescuers via an ultra-flexible fiber-optic cable nearly half a mile long. Supplies and several electronic devices have been delivered to the miners with a five-foot-long hollow tube which can fit down the ventilation shaft.

The US is apologizing to Guatemala for a study it conducted over 60 years ago. An experiment conducted in 1946, designed to test the efficacy of penicillin, involved infecting people with syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease. The experiment was uncovered by a Wellesley College medical historian and investigations are underway to determine to extent of what happened.

The Obama administration is pushing forward a bill that requires all passenger vehicles to achieve an average mile per gallon ratings of 62 by 2025. The new bill, which intends to lower greenhouse gas emissions by 3%-6% per year, states that the average mile per gallon rating should be 35.5 by 2016, and by 2017 the increase from 47 miles per gallon to 62 miles per gallon by 2025 will begin.

Over 100 people in the US and UK have been either charged or arrested in connection with a massive cybercrime ring that allegedly spans the globe. Those involved were able to steal roughly $3 million from people around the world by using computer viruses that track and store account information, allowing the perpetrators to hack accounts and transfer money.

Waddell & Reed Financial have been found to be responsible for the “Flash Crash” of the New York Stock exchange on May 6, 2010. The crash occurred because Waddell, using a computer-based trading system programmed with special algorithms, issued a rapid sell order that flooded an already unstable market causing prices to drop precipitously.

Representative Ed Markey of the House Energy and Commerce Committee is requesting that the new CEO of BP, Robert Dudley, appear before the committee to testify on the oil spill in the gulf. Dudley’s presence has been requested before, but he has refused to appear because of the requirements of transitioning into the position of CEO.

The northeast experienced the heaviest rain anyone can remember Friday, downing trees and power lines, stopping flights, and making roads impassible. Wilmington, NC, received more rain in five days then any storm on record since 1871. Relief is expected, with a high-pressure system moving down from Canada that is expected to bring cool, dry air for at least a few days.

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