Homecoming: Spirit week outfits

Bring out your inner-hippies! Twins welcome! Nerds and cowboys giddy up! Mines students and faculty decked out in blue, come one, come all! Spirit week at Mines is unmistakable when the students decide to go all out in celebration of their upcoming homecoming. Each day of the week allows the students to express a different side of their, well, unique personalities.

Monday kicked off spirit week at the Colorado School of Mines as Tie-Dye Day. Students adorned themselves in psychedelic patterns and brilliant colors. Freshman football player Kyle Gilbert especially “liked seeing what crazy combinations of tie-dye people were able to come up, both colors and patterns.”  Many students felt inspired by Tie-Dye Day to decorate their clothing, with Gilbert choosing to wear his own design, a white t-shirt he had tie-dyed especially for spirit week.

Tuesday was deemed the Blue-Out Day. Next to Nerd Day, this theme received the largest participation.  Students were decked out in Mines gear and anything else blue they could scrounge up from their dorm room drawers. Peter Jaron sported a bright blue CSM t-shirt, joking that he “wear[s] blue to bring out [his] eyes!” Anyone not caught in Mines paraphernalia still had the pleasure of participating in the blue-out by wearing blue shirts, jackets, pants, and accessories.

web_spirit2Wednesday’s Western Wear Day was fitting for a Colorado mountain school. Throughout the day, the campus was decorated with plaid shirts, denim blue jeans, and cowboy boots and hats. As Ali McCall explained, “I like cowboy day because I like to wear boots!” The weather seemed to cool down accordingly this day, knowing that CSM students would be walking to their classes in heavy jeans and flannel shirts.

Thursday, Twin Day, had difficulty gathering much support from its students. Omitting the real, biological twins, and a few die-hard enthusiasts, there were a limited number of twins walking around campus.    

Friday’s theme was the classic Nerd Day. From Weaver Towers to Coolbaugh Hall, Mines students wore their nerdiest attire for all to see. Toting lunch boxes, argyle sweater vests, rainbow suspenders, and black-rimmed glasses, the Mines nerds showed their true school spirit. Either that, or that was their normal attire. Aspiring to illustrate both his attractiveness and ingenuity, Sam “Scoop” Cooper explained that, “Suspenders are great, because if someone wants to pants me, my pants won’t fall down!” When asked which was his favorite spirit day, Cooper’s matching nerd Mathew Glazier shared without hesitation that it was “Nerd Day, definitely!” Glazier added, “It definitely fit my personality.”

Homecoming and Spirit Week are a great time to relax and take your mind off of school. It is fun to enjoy where we are and to support the school that is giving us an education.

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