Keith Stevens

Mines at Mines: Halloween fun

As Halloween approached conversations began to turn towards the costumes people were going to wear and the festivities that people would be attending. Every year around Halloween there are innovative costumes. Minds at Mines would like to know what students plan to dress up as for Halloween and what they plan on doing to celebrate.

“I’m dressing up as Darth Vader. On the day before Halloween I’m helping out with an event called Funtober. It’s for families and I’m going to the Root Beer Kegger… My wife is going to be princess Leia.”
-Keith Lawrence Stevens

web_laura “I was going to be Willow, the faithful sidekick of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but you can’t be a Willow with no Buffy… So I’m looking for my Buffy out there…But I do have an all Saint’s day Costume. I’m going to be Saint Dymphna.”
-Laura Yanowich

“I don’t have a Halloween costume yet. I’m thinking of dressing as Sarah Palin just for the political statement. I’m going to the Root beer Kegger and I’m going to Trick-or-treat for Cans with Inter-varsity.”
-Katie Mills
Katie Mills

Jonathon Harrelson “I’m going to be Ash from The Evil Dead wielding my chainsaw and boom stick. I will dominate any Halloween party I attend.”
-Jonathan Harrelson

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