Alex Beamen

Mines at Mines: Opinion on shirts

Currently, ASCSM is rolling forward with plans to produce class shirts. These shirts will be color coded for each class and given away at various campus events throughout the year. The hope of Student Government is that these shirts will help encourage participation in campus events, class comradely, and school spirit at Mines. Minds at Mines caught up with students to find their thoughts on the plan.

“I like being clothed by brightly-colored spirit clothes. I can’t wait to get my new Freshmen Mines shirt.”
-Alex Beamen

Catherine Jimenez “I think its a good idea. Another free shirt. Why not? I guess it’s a worthwhile investment. Free is your friend in college…if it’s 100% cotton it’s a go.”
-Catherine Jimenez

“Being on the committee, I think the shirts are a good idea. I like spirit wear too and would like to support Mines at athletic events and other activities.”
-Logan Gee
Logan Gee

Eric Sure why not… I don’t know what else they’ll do with the money so who cares, and free shirts are always cool.”

“I think it’s an awesome idea. They’re showing favoritism to our class over previous ones.”
-Kodi Hildebrandt
Kodi Hildebrandt

Liz Kirby “This is an objectionable topic because there is such a thing as Super Seniors… Maybe we should just have a general shirt. I’m torn really… It might be showing favoritism and creating communities by drawing distinctions.” Referring to graduate students she cautioned “There you’ve defined  a community. What if that’s not how they’ve self defined their community.”
-Liz Kirby

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