Music Review: Monuments and Melodies

Bombs have hit the shelves! Hurry up and save your ears by picking up an Incubus album. Lead by vocalist Brandon Boyd, Incubus has had multi-platinum success. DJ Kilmore, who runs the turn table, gives Incubus their unique, alternative, funky rock style, while drummer Jose Pasillas, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and bassist Alex Katunich all add important elements to that unique sound. The band has been together since 1991 and launched six studio albums. A great feature to Incubus’ style is that each album is different from the other and Incubus transforms their style periodically. Incubus’s newest album is a greatest hits album called Monuments and Melodies.

The first disk of the album consists of a plethora of greatest hits from their first album Fungus Amongus to Light Grenades, their sixth album. The second disk consists of songs not released and new songs from their upcoming album set to release sometime in 2011. Incubus’ first album,  Fungus Amongus is relatively unknown because it was not a produced studio album. The sound of funky rock meeting a turntable DJ really produces a great sound. Though the sound is unique and obscure, not everyone may like it,, but Incubus has many different fans for many different reasons.

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