RED brings an enjoyable action-comedy to the silver screen

Frank Moses, a former black-ops agent, is placed on a death list when he is classified as RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous). Bruce Willis portrays Frank Moses and he lives a simple life as a retired citizen, doing activities that any retired person would do (namely call young women and live off of government pension checks). This lifestyle is great until a death squad arrives at his front door, guns blazing. Fortunately for him, he survives and is able to reassemble his old black-ops team that features fellow retirees portrayed by Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren. Simply put, RED is about Frank Moses attempting to get his life back to normal and win the heart of Sarah Ross, a government pension telephone assistant.

Since this movie is based off of a DC comic book, it features many explosions, plot twists, and the over-the-top action that only the DC Universe can provide. RED features old school butt-kicking and highlights the theme that new styles could take a few lessons from the old style of getting the job done.

Though RED has some comic book dialogue, and the novelty of Freeman, Willis, and Malkovich, it misses the mark slightly with its similarity to movies like Night and Day and The Expendables. The movie could have been a little more original, but nonetheless, was enjoyable. Overall, it was extremely enjoyable, but it was not a “good” movie.

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