Rest, relaxation, and RTD

The towns around Mines and Golden are full of activities to boost your adrenaline, challenge your skills, and keep you having fun, no matter the season. So where do you go for relaxation after weeks of climbing, kayaking, and skiing? If you take the 17 line from 19th and Jackson until you get to the Cold Springs hub, then take the EV route in the ES Aspen Springs direction, you will get to the beautiful mountain town of Evergreen. This picturesque town has just about everything you will need for relaxation including a variety of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and of course, the beautiful Evergreen Lake.

Given that it is a mountain town, at first glance Evergreen appears to have little in the way of quick, delicious food. But if you know where to look, you can find a the very special, yet little C.J.’s Chicago Dog restaurant that, according to several sources, is the best of its kind in the entire state. Its yellow store front stands out as a great start to the day.

After lunch, be sure to head to some of the amazing trails north of the city. During the fall, these trails are fun, especially with friends or a loved one. And, as fall turns to winter and the lake freezes over, the lake turns into an beautiful ice rink.
To finish off the day, I would personally recommend Beau Jo’s Pizza. While not the original restaurant, it has the same quality mountain pies as its Idaho Springs neighbor. Sitting back with a thick crusted pizza and a nice brew is always an amazing way to end a day. To head back home, take the EV route back to the Cold Springs hub, then take the 16 line to West Colfax and Garrison. Transfer to the 16L and continue to the Washington and 19th stop.

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