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Donor Gives Poodles to CSM

An anonymous donor wrote a letter to Mines last week saying that he is “willing to commit any amount of money” to the school as long as it will be spent on the purchase and care of poodles. The donor included a preliminary donation of $20,000. Campus officials have said that they will accept the offer, although they are still unsure how the poodles will contribute to campus life. “It’s hard to argue with free money,” said one board member, who declined to be named, “it’s like arguing with free food. Perhaps it’s not our favorite dish. Perhaps it’s not what we need to have right now. So what? It’s free.”

Mines Football fought hard against Chadron State

The undefeated run in RMAC competition has ended for the Mines football team as they fell to Chadron State College by a score of 38-31 in a wild game at Don Beebe Stadium in Chadron, Nebraska.
Suffering only their first defeat since losing a tough opening game to Washburn College, the Orediggers could not overcome a slow first quarter that saw the Eagles jump out to an early 21-0 lead. A Clay Garcia fumble on the opening drive for Mines gave Chadron State the ball deep in CSM territory and easily set up a 23 yard touchdown pass from Chadron quarterback Jonn McLain to open the scoring.

Athlete of the Week

Athlete of the Week: Jessica Stark, Senior, Soccer

For senior civil engineer Jessica Stark, playing for the women’s soccer team has been more than a game. “It is a great experience” the defender commented, “Everyone thinks that as a student athlete, you learn the most about your sport, but I learned more on how to be apart team, manage my time, make friendships, work together, and just how to do life.” Stark, entering her final year as a Lady Oredigger, scored a pivotal goal in last Wednesday’s home playoff game against Metro State that led to a 2-1 overtime victory for Mines. Over the last four years, she has shored up a solid defensive unit that sent the 2009 team to the Elite 8 in the NCAA division II tournament.


Cowboy boots have heels too, Mr. Buck!

And Ken Buck? Does it even matter if he’s wearing high heels? Cowboy boots have high heels too! But as we know, ‘tis the season… to be angry! Everyone should take a moment to thank the lord, or whatever higher power they may or may not believe in that the election season is over. Whether or not their hopeful candidate got the job, everyone should be able to agree, that every election season seems to get more and more out of hand.

Underclassmen are whiners? No kidding!

Recently, the editors here at the Oredigger received a letter from an upperclassmen. In that letter, said upperclassmen laid out an argument in support of the notion that this years’ underclassmen are the whiniest bunch of wimps ever. Apparently, there was a failure to communicate. See, this upperclassmen(whom I shall heretofore refer to as “Sense of Entitlement”) was basing their opinion in large part on my articles complaining about various inconsistencies I have observed and been a victim of at this most illustrious school. Apparently, Sense of Entitlement read my comments and interpreted “Why can’t we have exams that are representative of actual homework?” as “Why can’t we have exams that are as easy as CU Boulder’s?”

Jusitn Lee

Minds at Mines: No snow November?

As people native to Colorado well know, the recent warm weather is a rare occurrence for November. People expected it to snow before or on Halloween, but the holiday is over and there is still no sign of snow. In fact, the forecast has been quite the opposite—mostly sunny with a high of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Some people eagerly await the first snowfall, while others enjoy the heat while they can. Minds at Mines wanted to see what students thought of these unusual warm days.

Morals for your story: 11-08-10

I work for a company whose clients are property owners. It is my job to advise our clients about their options regarding property damage claims and their potential to recover any damages as a result of poor building, soil damage, or other factors.
I often find myself choosing certain points to emphasize, based on what the client wants to hear, regardless of whether or not the points I emphasize are the most relevant to the situation. Since I work so closely with these clients, I find that omitting or deemphasizing the negative is better than upsetting them about the unknown. It also helps me keep a better working relationship with the client. Is this ethical behaviour?
— Little Gray Lies


Big Horned Sheep seen around Golden

Golden, as many people have discovered over time, is more than a place full of nerds and beer. It houses residents that have been here longer than any Mines student, including the super-seniors. Some of the most famous big game animals are found only minutes away. From the horns of a Big Horn Sheep as large as a Thanksgiving cornucopia, to the spontaneous prancing of a White-Tailed Deer across the Colorado School of Mines sidewalks, Golden’s wildlife is a diverse and beautiful spectacle that all must find an opportunity to observe.

Beer Review: Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian-Style India Pale Ale

If beer historians are correct, the Indian Pale Ale evolved from the English pale ale style during the days of the British Empire.  A higher alcohol content and an abundant hop addition both acted as preservatives during the long ship journeys from England to India.  Around the same time, Belgian brewers were using wild yeast strains and open fermenting vessels to give their beer spicy, fruity, and sour flavors.  Many breweries have sought to emulate Belgian beer styles – New Belgium has built their craft brewing empire on this pursuit – but few have attempted to combine English and Belgian styles before Flying Dog released their “Belgian-Style” Raging Bitch IPA.

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