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The stars shine brightly above Mines: Galaxies

Living on planet Earth contains many different varieties in terrains and environmental conditions that are present on any given day. While many planets and satellites lack atmospheres, even a planet like Mars with its small amount of atmosphere has particulate matter in the air that can obscure the night sky. Here on Earth it is often clear enough that even Andromeda can be seen. On the other hand, some nights make it too difficult to even see the closest star.

Baked Apples

Cooking Corner: Baked apples

A dish that is easy and cheap to bring to a pot luck, or just a different side dish for dinner, baked apples add a great spin to any get together. Baked apples are easy to prepare, and many college students already have the inexpensive ingredients. As an added bonus, they turn out to be delicious. Granny Smith and Fiji apples cook up really well since they are still in season, and they are pretty cheap. Plus, if you are really short on money, the mystery apples from Slate are great for cooking too. The result is great on its own and made even better when served with some vanilla ice cream.


Up ‘Til Dawn provides opportunity to serve children

Contrary to its name, Up ’til Dawn provided students with an opportunity to help children without losing too much sleep. The event, organized by students to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, brought together teams of students to address letters requesting donations to St. Jude’s. Students came for the community service opportunity and were rewarded with free food, free shirts, and prizes including gift cards to restaurants and even an iPod Touch.

Faculty Spotlight: Yong Bakos, MCS

Deep in the dark recesses of Chauvenet Hall lies the office of Yong Bakos. Owner of a software development company, part time jazz and reggae musician, and full-time Apple product fanatic, Bakos could be described as a very well-rounded instructor. This will be Bakos’ fourth year at Mines, though he taught previously at Colorado Free University as well as working professionally as a development trainer.

Club Spotlight: ORCA, More than just a whale

ORCA takes on a few different meanings when referring to the club here at Mines. Not only does the acronym stand for Organization Redefining Celiac Awareness, but it also represents the spirit animal of Jay Williams, ORCA’s President and Founder who explains that the club is “just getting our feet off the ground.” ORCA is a brand new club on the Mines campus as it just recently held its first meeting was just this past October.

Scientific discoveries this week: 11-8-10

Batavia, Illinois – Researchers at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois, have been studying one of the most illusive particles in existence. Known as antineutrinos, these almost undetectable particles are pumped out by the sun in massive quantities, but because they are so small and lightweight, all but the very smallest number of them pass through the Earth without leaving any trace. Understanding these particles may help in understanding more about the presence of other “hidden particles.”

Parents invited to Mines for parents weekend

That headline might ignite a mad rush to hide various things on most campuses, but this is Mines, so there’s nothing to worry about. Right? The general consensus at Mines concerning visits by parents is, “Thank God. There will be good food at Slate until at least the following Tuesday.” Perhaps the Slate thinks that by then, it is safe to revert back to the standard fare, or it could just be exclamations by overly dramatic students frustrated with school; who knows?

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