Big Horned Sheep seen around Golden

Golden, as many people have discovered over time, is more than a place full of nerds and beer. It houses residents that have been here longer than any Mines student, including the super-seniors. Some of the most famous big game animals are found only minutes away. From the horns of a Big Horn Sheep as large as a Thanksgiving cornucopia, to the spontaneous prancing of a White-Tailed Deer across the Colorado School of Mines sidewalks, Golden’s wildlife is a diverse and beautiful spectacle that all must find an opportunity to observe.

Most can find any number of these sights right outside their own backdoor. Call it a break from that irritating lon-capa or stubborn Chemistry lab and take a backyard tour of this town that so many Mines students now call home.

Right down Highway 6, a herd of big horn sheep enjoy scaling the steep precipices of Clear Creek Canyon. These sheep like to tempt fate by loitering near busy interstates, often creating traffic jams for people who like to ogle over the ill-tempered beasts.

Just a few more minutes down I-70, one could possibly encounter the intimidating stare of dozens of buffalo. These furry mammals, who once roamed the land by the millions, now call the tiny mountain town of Genesee their home. The herds spend much of their time grazing and running around their luxurious reservation.

A few nanometers away in any direction, deer can be seen gracefully teetering on the cliffs like a Cirque du Soleil performer. Careful with these vegetarians roaming the forest, as mountain roads tend to make curves more dangerous than an improper integral. Deer are one of the most common sights in the Rocky Mountains; unfortunately, these amazing creatures often fall fate to careless or distracted drivers.

If there is a Mines student out there that still has not seen a bit of wildlife, they have not even begun to see the full experience that Golden and the surrounding areas have to offer.

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